Help! What should I take into consideration when selecting a warehousing partner?

Now more than ever, selecting the right warehousing partner is essential to the success of your business. Consumers expect to receive purchases quickly and are willing to switch to competitors’ products if yours aren’t immediately available. Whether you’re a startup searching for your first warehouse or an established company looking to make a change, choosing the correct warehouse can be a daunting task. Not only will your new warehousing partner be responsible for storing all of your product safely, but they’ll also be an extension...
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“How in the World Did You Come Up with Those Rates?!”- Decoding the Warehouse Rate Development Process

If you’re planning on conducting a search for a warehouse provider, be warned: you may find yourself completely confused when the time comes to compare all the rate proposals you received. While not overly complicated, a proper warehouse rate development process and its outcome can seem complex at first glance. It starts simple, the base rates begin with the costs of the warehousing provider: the handling rates are based on the cost of labor and the storage rates are based on the cost of real...
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Is My New Warehouse Provider a Good Fit for My Business?

Entering into an agreement with a new warehouse provider is often compared to getting married after a first date. In many ways this is an accurate comparison, especially once the honeymoon phase is over. While some warehousing providers will make promises to earn your business, once you have product in their facilities, there’s a chance those promises may fall through. So, you’ve selected a warehouse provider based on location and price, and you’ve been working with them for some time. Now what? After things settle down,...
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